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Book review: Gone Girl


I didn’t like this book when I just finished reading the last word on the last page. I was so stunned by the sudden turn of the story, and I was so disappointed and angry about the ending, ‘what?’ “is it all?” “how come…” are the questions lingering in my mind when I fell asleep that night. I almost went online straightaway and gave it a 1 star rating. Then I remembered one thing my mother told me when I was little, ‘never ever make decisions when you are angry!” So I let myself falling in to sleep.

In my dream, my brain kept on working, analysing, chewing details again and again, thinking, reflecting…and surprisingly, when I woke up the following morning, I reached a entirely different conclusion! I decided to give this book a five star rating.

Ok, why the change?

This book is thriller, full of unexpected twists, it also is a book about marriage, Nick and Amy, about intimate relationships, covering most common marital issues: jobless, infidelity, relocation, mounting debt, family illness, etc. They are the authentic everyday issues most of us are facing.

Nick and Amy, a well-respected couple, handsome and caring husband, beautiful and rich wife, happily living together in their love nest, they seems have everything a normal person can dream for. Yet, marriage is like a pair of shoes, only the person who wearing the shoes knows whether or not this particular pair of shoes fit their feet and is comfortable, is happy.

This is not a particular fast paced story, it didn’t grab my attention until page 60.

The story started with a missing wife crime scene and was told from both Nick and Amy’s perspective. Police investigation, collect evidence, interview potential suspect, and like all other murder story, the husband is always the prime suspect. The whole process is boring, slow and painstaking. Nick’s side story is align with what happened after he discovered his wife has gone missing. While Amy’s side started the story from the very beginning of their relationship. Like a jigsaw, gradually you put together all parts and suddenly you will have a ‘aha!’ moment, but, just when you thought you have got the whole picture, a twist comes, then you realize you are completely wrong, then start over again with the jigsaws, until you reach the last word on the last page, you are still not really sure that you have got it. That is how I got addicted to the story.

But this is the reason I changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars. The real reason I changed my heart, is that this story got me thinking, thinking really hard after I have finished the whole story and finally it clicked! All the dramatic conflicts presented in the story reflect the real life insightfully.

I didn’t like the two main characters, She was too dark and too damaged too twisty, he was too weak, too irresponsible, too detached for my liking.

And you might think Nick and Amy are two really scarred characters whose marriage has gone terribly, terribly wrong, and that would just happen in a fiction, you are quite wrong! Although, it may look a bit too dramatic, but think deeply, under the surface of each marriage, you will find some similarity.

Have you tried to put make up on before your first date so that you look prettier because you thought he might like that you.

Have you tried to learn how to cook the food your girl/boy friend loves so that they will fall in love with you?

Have you tried to wear perfume to create a present fragrant odor because you believe boys like girls who smell good?

Have you changed your personality to suit your man/woman? How many of you can be true yourself when you are in a relationship? I know some women would wear makeup to sleep and would never appear in front of her husband without her make-up.

If you are lucky enough like me ☺ having unconditional love from your husband that stands the test of being true you, the real you, then you will feel true happiness. However, it is hard to admit, that most of us are living a life happily together just like Nick and Amy.

The insightful ending of this story is the highlight of the whole book. It is the reason I want to give 1 star rating, it is also the reason I changed my rating from 1 star to 5 star.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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