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洛基山之九:The Lakes of the Canadian Rockies



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OMG! was all I could manage to say when I was standing in front of any lakes in the Canadian Rockies.  The color of the water in the Canadian Rockies’ lakes is unbelievable!

If you’ve ever seen pictures of  Lake Louise, Lake  Moraine, or any of the other lakes in the Canadian Rockies, you probably thought they had been photoshopped.  But, when you see them in person and up close, you realize there is absolutely no need to touch up any photograph. Even a new newbie can take great photos.

On the way heading back to Calgary, I began to reflect back on all the lakes we had seen nestled among the jagged peaks for which the Canadian Rockies are famous.  James is a huge fan of water and falls, and I am a huge fan of lakes. We checked out as many lakes as possible within our very short 5 days’ trip.Early morning for the sun rise, late afternoon for the sun set. Every one of them possess the most incredible blue and turquoise waters ever seen!   They’re crystal-clear and it seems you can see forever when you’re looking into them. What amazed me most are the stillness of the lakes. Surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, they are so sheltered, absolutely no wind, they are like mirrors, reflection of the blue sky ,white clouds and snow capped Rockies. Most of the time, we were just speechless, standing in front of the lakes, admiring the wonder of the nature, couldn’t move! I wish we could stay there…

So, the mission became clear… Discover the reason these lakes have such incredible colors. Old folks say the water is distilled from peacock tails.  Clearly, that’s not the reason, but most people including me, (not sure about James) mistakenly believe the color to be caused by the brilliant clear skies or the icy temperature of the water. After searching further, the scientific “truth” was unearthed.  “The color comes from glacial rock flour.  Rock flour is formed by imprisoned rocks in the glaciers that grind again each other.  The meltwater washes the rock flour into the lakes.”

And, there you have it…  “The resulting mixture filters out all colors of the spectrum found in incoming light–all except the striking turquoise and vivid blues.  The different hues in the lakes are directly related to the size of the particles in the rock flour.”  And, that’s why the water in the Canadian Rockies’ lakes has varying degrees of the green, blue and turquoise. A bit similar to the southern lakes in New Zealand, but on a much greater scale.

Still lots of lakes we did’t get a chance to have a look, guess that gives us an excuse to come back again one day in the future.

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